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New Parenting Coordination Service Provided By Family Law Firm Melbourne

Vanessa Mathews recently trained as a ‘Parenting Coordinator’ as an additional dispute resolution service offering.

Parenting Coordination is a post-separation child-focused dispute resolution process.

Parenting Coordination is suitable for separated parents who:

  • Continue to have high levels of dispute regarding their children after the making of a Parenting Plan or Family Court Order (interim and final)
  • Are transitioning from adversarial parenting to co-parenting
  • Engage their children to express their dispute
  • Experience difficulty with relationships
  • Are at risk of:
  • Not complying with the Parenting Plan or Family Court Order (interim and final)​
  • Returning to the Family Court to re-litigate their dispute.

Parenting Coordination may assist separated parents who are experiencing difficulty:

  • Co-parenting their children
  • Making joint decisions about their children
  • Communicating effectively with each other
  • Implementing their Parenting Plan or Family Court Order (interim and final)
  • Complying with their Parenting Plan or Family Court Order (interim and final).

A Parenting Coordinator may be jointly appointed by the parents or a Family Court Order.

A Parenting Coordinator is usually appointed for 24 months with monthly joint meetings.

The purpose and role of the Parenting Coordinator is defined within the Parenting Plan or Family Court Order.

​A Parenting Coordinator assists parents by:

  • Facilizing the resolution of their disputes in a timely manner
  • Reducing conflict between parents so as to protect the children from exposure to conflict
  • Educating parents about their children’s needs
  • Making recommendations for resolving disputes
  • Case management.

Parenting Coordination is non-confidential and fully reportable to the Family Court​.

Safety concerns are addressed during Parenting Coordination.

If you would like to know more about Parenting Coordination or have a client whom you believe may benefit from Parenting Coordinator, please contact Vanessa on 1300 635 529 or

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