Parenting Laws

Parenting law covers a diverse and often sensitve range of topics from parental responsibility to child support, including De Facto relationships, LGBTI Family Law, Adoption and Surrogacy.

With over 60 years experience
Mathews Family Law understand foremost the need to know your options, provide expediant solutions and putting the children best interests first.
Mathews Family Law provides advice and representation in relation to parenting related Family Law matters

How We Can Help

Whatever your family circumstances, Mathews Family Law advise and prepare
you in all areas of parent related law providing knowledge and resources.

We will help you reach agreements about parenting arrangements and to assist you to formalise arrangements through consent orders. We can also guide you
through parenting co-ordination and mediation to negotiate the best outcome.
In the event agreements can not be reached we provide experienced litigation
to advocate for you and your children

First Steps

If you are just seeking early advice about your options, or looking to begin a particular process simply book an appointment or or fill in our online form for an initial free 15 minute consult.

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Family Law

Children and Parenting

  • Parental responsibility
  • Living arrangements (custody &access)
  • Relocation
  • Rights of grandparents and others

Child Support, Child Maintenance
And Adult Child Maintenance

  • Child Support Agency change
    of assessment process
  • Payments for children and adult children
  • Binding Child Support Agreements

De Facto Relationships
LGBTI Related Family Law

Australian & International

Surrogacy and Fertility Law

  • Domestic surrogacy arrangements
  • Parentage Orders in Australia
  • Preparing Surrogacy and donor agreements
  • Advising on international arrangements
  • Family Law orders for cross border surrogacy

International Family
Law Disputes

  • International relocation
  • International child abduction
  • Hague Convention
  • Registration of overseas parenting orders
  • International child support
  • Registration and enforcement of overseas
    child and spousal maintenance orders
  • International service of legal documents.


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