Child Support Child Support

Who can receive child support, other than parents?

For a non-parent career to receive Child Support, they must be an eligible career.

An eligible career is somebody who has shared care of the child. To receive Child Support a non-parent must meet the following requirements:

  • if a parent is overseas (and the required steps have been taken for parents living overseas), or the parent has died, or
  • the applicant should not be living with or be a partner of any of the parents.

If the parent (or legal guardian) of a child indicates that they do not consent to the person caring for the child, then the non-parent carer will not be considered an eligible career. This requirement does not apply where it is unreasonable for a parent to care for a child.

It is unreasonable for a parent to care for their child when:

  • there has been extreme family breakdown or
  • there is a serious risk to the child’s physical or mental wellbeing
Vanessa Mathews