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Removal of a Child within Australia

If a child has been wrongfully removed within Australia, application can be made to the Court for a Recovery Order. A Recovery Order authorizes officers of the Court, the Federal Police and the State Police to stop and search vehicles, vessels, aircraft, premises or places where the child may be found. When found, the child is returned to the party who has made the Application.

Case: Claudia returned after her mother abducted her to WA

Claudia returned after her mother abducted her to WA

Peter and Claudia were a fantastic father and daughter team, they spent many hours discussing their favorite sports. Peter was deeply involved with Claudia’s home schooling. He lived with Claudia and her mother. One night, though, Peter returned home from shopping to discover both Claudia and her mother were gone. An urgent application was made to the Family Court of Australia and the Australian Federal Police found Claudia safe in West Australia and a few days later she was home safe and sound with her dad. Peter and Claudia continue to spend many happy hours together today.