Mathews Family Law Newsletter

Family Law Mental Health Seminars

Vanessa Mathews of Mathews Family Law & Mediation Specialists continues to deliver seminars to mental health professionals in the Melbourne CBD and metropolitan area.

The seminar, ‘Client Care Through the Family Law Process’ provides psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs, school counsellors, occupational therapists, and the like with the opportunity to better understand the family law process, so that they may be better able to assist their clients as they move through this.

Topics of particular interest include:
Counselling and confidentiality
Counselling children and parental consent
What do I do if I am served with a subpoena to produce my file to the Family Court
Providing an expert report to the Family Court.

Please contact Vanessa on if you would like her to speak to your group.

Vanessa Mathews
Managing Director FDRP and Mediator