Child Support Child Support Assessments

How can I apply for a Child Support Assessment?

An application for child support is made to the Child Support Agency (CSA) which administers the Child Support Scheme. An application can be made by completing a form which is available from the CSA or Centrelink. An application can also be made online through the CSA website.

Either a parent from a marriage, a parent from a de facto (including same sex) relationship or an eligible carer can apply to have a Child Support Assessment by the Child Support Agency. Provided the formal requirements for an application are satisfied, the Child Support Agency will make an administrative assessment of Child Support called a ‘Child Support Assessment’. An Assessment Notice will usually issue several weeks later. This will tell each parent how much they are to receive/pay each month and about their rights relating to the payment/receipt of Child Support.

To obtain an indication of your likely child support obligation or entitlement, click here to access the Mathews Family Law & Mediation Specialists Child Support Calculator (standard calculation).