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Family breakdown is a very difficult time for a child, or children, and there are many issues that need to be considered to ensure that decisions are made in the child’s best interests. When parents separate, proper arrangements need to be made for the ongoing financial, physical and emotional support of their children. The obligations of parents to provide financial support of their children are governed by the Child Support Scheme.

Child Maintenance in Australia

Child Support means financial support for children under the Child Support (Assessment) Act. Based on the child support laws in Australia, child support usually takes the form of regular periodic payments, but it can also include lump sum payments. A lump sum payment may be made by way of the payment of specific expenses or the transfer of property.

Child Support payments are made by one parent to the other (or an eligible career) to help with the costs of a child. Child Support payments are separate from Centrelink or family assistance payments. However, Child Support payments can affect the amount paid by Centrelink and the Family Assistance Office.

Child Support can be arranged:

  • by agreement between parents or
  • through the Child Support Agency.

Child Support can be collected:

  • privately or
  • by the Child Support Agency.

Top Child Support Lawyers

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