Child Support Child Support Assessments

Changing an Administrative Assessment by the Child Support Agency

There are limited grounds to change an administrative assessment. The grounds for a departure from an administrative assessment are as follows:

Reason 1: High costs of enabling a parent to spend time with, or communicate with, the child.

Reason 2: High costs associated with the child’s special needs.

Reason 3: High costs of caring for, educating or training the child in the way both parents intended.

Reason 4: Child’s income, earning capacity, property or financial resources.

Reason 5: Payer has paid or transferred money, goods or property to the child, the payee, or a 3rd party for the benefit of the child.

Reason 6: Payee’s high child care costs for the child (and the child is under 12 years).

Reason 7: The parent’s necessary expenses significantly affect their capacity to support the child.

Reason 8: Income, earning capacity, property or financial resources of one or both parents.

Reason 9: The parent’s capacity to support the child is significantly affected by:

  • their legal duty to maintain another child or person,
  • their necessary expenses in supporting another child or person they have a legal duty to maintain,
  •  their high costs of enabling them to spend time with or communicate with, another child or person they have a legal duty to maintain.

Reason 10: Parent’s responsibility to maintain a resident child reduces capacity to support child support child.