De Facto Relationships De Facto Relationships

Binding Financial Agreements between de facto partners

Parties to a de facto relationship can make binding financial agreements. A financial agreement can be made either before the relationship begins at any time during the relationship or on separation. The agreement can cover matters such as:

  • responsibility for expenses,
  • classification of property owned by the parties as either joint or individual property,
  • the categorization of property acquired during the relationship as either joint or individual,
  • responsibility for debts and
  • the division of property and maintenance if the couple  separates.

If you have come to an agreement without legal advice, you should obtain advice before you sign anything. Mathews Family Law & Mediation Specialists can provide you with the advice needed to make an informed decision before you enter into a binding financial agreement. We can also assist by drafting the agreement for you to ensure that it covers all the legal requirements that you may not have thought of.

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