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Family Violence and Children at Risk

Every day in my practice as a family lawyer, family dispute resolution practitioner and mediator, I hear stories of family violence and children at risk. Whilst family violence is a tragedy in and of itself, more tragic is the suffering caused to the children who are exposed, in one way or another – by hearing, seeing, […]

Re-partnering After Separation, Divorce

Second marriages, partnerships, step-families present challenges, new opportunities after separation, divorce Relationships Australia has prepared this informative summary about challenges and complication of re-partnering after separation, divorce. In second partnerships, couples are often more aware of the difficulties in establishing a successful relationship and are more committed to making the marriage work. Both second marriages […]

Mathews Family Law

Separation and Divorce at Christmas

The following informative article about coping with separation and divorce at Christmas was published by Relationships Australia Resources For some people, Christmas can be the most stressful time of the year. People can feel increased financial pressure from the costs of buying gifts, entertaining and holidays, and there can be increased strain from spending time […]

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