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Vanessa Mathews, Melbourne Divorce Lawyer, Guest Speaker at Mental Health Professionals Network Seminars

Mental health professionals often work with clients also navigating the complex family law process. My seminars ‘Client Care Through the Family Law Process’ provide mental health professionals (members of the Mental Health Professionals Network, MHPN) with practical information about the issues which they and their client are likely to encounter, including separation, divorce, child custody, […]

Vanessa Mathews and Mathews Family Law Recognised

Vanessa Mathews and Mathews Family Law have been recognised as a ‘LEADING VICTORIAN FAMILY LAWYER’ and a ‘LEADING VICTORIAN FAMILY LAW FIRM’ by Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession. Vanessa Mathews and the team of family law professionals invite you to browse the Mathews Family Law website, to search for the answers to your […]

Family Law Mental Health Seminars

Vanessa Mathews of Mathews Family Law continues to deliver seminars to mental health professionals in the Melbourne CBD and metropolitan area. The seminar, ‘Client Care Through the Family Law Process’ provides psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs, school counsellors, occupational therapists, and the like with the opportunity to better understand the family law process, so that they may […]