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Victoria Australia Divorce

Divorce in Australia – The Process

Divorce is the legal word for the termination of a marriage.  In Australia, there is no need for there to be “fault” in order for the divorce to be permitted.   So even if only one partner wants out of the marriage, the court will grant a divorce order.  But there is still a legal process […]

Divorce taxes

Tax Implications and Divorce

This article is designed to address the tax consequences of certain divorce related actions, such as spousal maintenance and property division. This area is very complex and nuanced, and while we will provide a broad framework for the tax implications related to divorce, should you need specific information or have questions about your situation, please […]

Finding a divorce lawyer in australia

How to choose a divorce lawyer

Choosing a divorce lawyer should be like making any other big Should be a process like when you buy a house or choose a school for your children.  Educate yourself, ask around, ask questions, research on the internet. Learn about the divorce laws first.  This is important for two reasons.  One, it will give you […]