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Legal Capacity and Family Law

Legal Capacity and Family Law As the issue of mental health continues to gain more traction within the area of Family Law, at a practical level, and without holding the necessary expert qualifications required to properly identify and diagnose mental health conditions, at what point does a practitioner (legal or otherwise) determine if a client […]

WELCOME to Shalini Mendis

Mathews Family Law is pleased to welcome Shalini Mendis, family lawyer, to the team. Shalini is available to assist with your family law enquiries – telephone 9804 7991 or email

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Family Violence and Children at Risk

Every day in my practice as a family lawyer, family dispute resolution practitioner and mediator, I hear stories of family violence and children at risk. Whilst family violence is a tragedy in and of itself, more tragic is the suffering caused to the children who are exposed, in one way or another – by hearing, seeing, […]

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